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30 Jan 2004
Tuesday, January 30, 1968  

Los Angeles, Calif.

My Dear Satsvarupa,

Please accept my blessings. I am just in receipt of your letter of yesterday's date, along with a copy of Srimad-Bhagavatam 316.1, beginning from page 1708. I have sent 1 tape this morning, probably you are getting tomorrow. So far I have received your edited copy of Srimad-Bhagavatam it is very nicely done.

For the last few days I am feeling a little trouble in my brain. There is a buzzing sound always which sometimes disturbs me, and therefore my tape recordings in dictaphone has become a little slow, but I will go on sending tapes as far as possible.

I understand that some of our students are in Boston, and they are not attending the Temple or cooperating with you. This means they are under the clutches of Maya more or less. After all, Krishna Consciousness is difficult job for less intelligent persons. But one who understands Krishna Consciousness and acts accordingly, he should be accepted as spiritually the strongest man. In the Caitanya Caritamrta it is said that persons who take to Krishna Consciousness are supposed to be the most intelligent man.

I have received one letter from Krishna devi and I have asked her to come here and settle up the misunderstanding. Her husband Subala is here with me and he is very peaceful sincere boy. If Krishna devi doesn't come back and live with him peacefully, then his decision is to live alone without any wife. I think this boy can do so. Anyway, if Krishna devi comes we shall see things nicely mitigated.

Regarding M: I do not know much about his activities, but so far I have heard that he has got his particular type of mantra which he sells for $35. And there are hundreds of students for being cheated by him. Anyone who does not know the science of Krishna is a great fool, and if he poses himself as Spiritual Master, he must be cheating the public without any doubt. Your process of discouraging friends in the matter of their being cheated by such misnomer is very good.

You know that out of many millions of people, somebody tries to be spiritually advanced. And out of many millions of spiritually advanced men, hardly there is one who understands Krishna Consciousness. So, in your country there are many who may be spiritually inclined, but because they want to be cheated, Krishna sends them many kinds of cheaters to bewilder them. It is understood that M says that one can drink, and at the same time make advancement in meditation, is clearly a cheating process.

But what can be done, your countrymen also wants to be cheated like that. They want to continue their illicit sex relationships, intoxication habit, meat eating, and all other nonsensical things, and at the same time they want to make spiritual advancement. This is clear indication of being cheated; nobody can make any advancement in spiritual life keeping himself conditioned by the above sinful activities.

So you can judge yourself what is the position of the so-called M, and try to help your friends in such a way. There is no need of talking with people who are interested in the M, but if you have any sympathetic friends, you can let him know how the cheating process is going on.

I do not think that his disciples claiming advancement in spiritual life is bona fide.

Hope you are all well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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26 Jan 2004
Friday, January 26, 1968  

Los Angeles, Calif.

My Dear Daughter Krsna devi,

Please accept my blessings. Thank you very much for your letter postdated Jan 25, 1968, and I thank you very much for your proposal to come here and see me. I shall be so glad to see you and Danny personally as soon as possible.

I requested you take charge of the Santa Fe Center because you were doing the job very nicely, and I still hope that your presence there will solve all the problems recently created. Mistakes there may be in our life, but if we stick to Krsna Consciousness, Krsna will surely put us on the right path.

Your husband Sriman Subala das is living with me very peacefully, and he is carving Radha and Krsna, from hard wood. So this life of material existence is just like hard wood and if we can carve Krsna out of it, that is the sucess of our life.

So, at any circumstances you must not forget Krsna. I love you at my heart and therefore I gave you the name Krsna devi dasi. Don't forget Krsna even for a single moment; chant Hare Krsna loudly or slowly as it my be convenient. But don't forget to chant the Holy Name.

I hope everything will be all right as soon as you come here with Danny, and I am awaiting your arrival with great interest.

Hope you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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25 Jan 2004
Thursday, January 25, 1968  

Los Angeles, Calif.

My Dear Balai dasi,

Please accept my blessings. Thank you for your letter of Jan. 8, 1968, and I have noted the contents carefully.

Regarding your questions: Yes, leave Krishna's plate for 15-20 minutes or more, not more than half an hour. After offering the plate, the balance in the pots should be distributed immediately. The plate can remain on the altar while the rest is being distributed.

Any initiated girl can take part in preparation of prasadam, and even a boy who is not initiated cannot take part.

Maya and living entities are different energies of Krishna and all of them are eternal. Maya is acting under the direction of Krishna but her task is to punish the revolted living entities; therefore, she has to business in the spiritual platform. Maya cannot go to Krishna means that Maya's influence cannot be active in the presence of Krishna.

The example of darkness can be given herein. The darkness has no existence in the presence of sunlight, similarly Maya cannot exist in the presence of Krishna. As darkness and light exist eternally, similarly, Maya and Krishna exist eternally, but Maya has no existence in the presence of Krishna. Try to understand this simile.

The material body has got heart and Krishna is seated there with the jiva in His Paramatma feature. Krishna is so powerful that He can become smaller than the smallest and greater than the greatest. He can keep millions of skies within His Belly and at the same time He can enter within the existence of the smallest atom. He can enjoy eternally in Vrindaban with His Associates, at the same time He can present Himself in every nook and corner of His Creation.

These are some of the inconceivable potencies of Krishna and as such living entity can never be equal with Krishna. The Mayavadi philosophers try to keep Krishna and living entities on equal level and that is proof of their less intelligence.

I hope you will understand these explanations, and distribute them to your other God-brothers and sisters.

Hope you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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