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13 Apr 2004
Saturday, April 13, 1968  

San Francisco, Calif.

My Dear Yadunandana,

Please accept my blessings. I am very glad to receive your letter, and I am very happy to learn that you are all coming to N.Y. to meet me on the 17th. We are starting at 9:00 a.m., and will reach there about 4:45 p.m., N.Y. time.

Regarding your questions, how material things dissolve, I may give you one example: Material manifestation is temporary, as it is stated in Bhagavad-gita, that material manifestation at times comes into being and it at times vanquishes. So, when material variegatedness vanquishes, it does not mean that spiritual variegatedness also vanquishes. Material variegatedness is perverted reflection of the spiritual variegatedness, as it is described in the Bhagavad-gita, that this material manifestation is just like a tree with the root upward. Roots upwards of a tree means it is reflection.

So also in Bhagavatam it is stated like this, that the material world is a combination of earth, water, and fire; just like a beautiful girl made of earth, water and fire, standing in the window of a storefront. Similarly, this material world is imitation beauty of the spiritual world, as much as the doll-girl is imitation of the real girl. So when the doll-girl is broken, it does not mean that the real girl is also finished.

Material manifestation is just like occasional cloud in the sky, so when the cloud disappears, the sky remains. Similarly, when the material world dissolutes, the spiritual world remains. Krishna and His Kingdom, the spiritual world, are eternal. We have to understand things in this method. That is Krishna Consciousness. Do not misunderstand that after the variegatedness of the material world being finished, everything becomes impersonal, that is nonsense. Try to understand Bhagavad-gita nicely.

Your faith in the Christian religion is very strong, I can understand. So, when you want to convert Christians into Krishna Consciousness, you should understand first of all the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness. Without understanding the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness, if we try to convert Christians into Krishna Consciousness, it will be utter failure.

We do not condemn any religion because the Bhagavatam says that the religious process is the best by which one can attain love of God. So we are teaching Love of Godhead, not any particular type of religion. Our Krishna Conscious movement is not a religious movement; it is a movement for purifying the heart.

Modern civilization is defying the authority of the Personality of Godhead; the more a man advances in his material adventures, the more he becomes covered by the illusory energy.

This conception that when one's material concept of life is finished, the material vision of this also vanishes. Actually there is one energy of Krishna, which is spiritual. Material consciousness of life means forgetfulness of Krishna; when one is fully Krishna Consciousness, there is no more any material existence in the vision of such advanced devotee.

We have to learn it step by step; just like we prepare prasadam, and ordinarily it is rice, dahl, and capatis. But when it is offered to Krishna, it becomes prasadam. How ordinary rice, dahl, and capatis turns into spiritual prasadam is to be understood by advancement of Krishna Consciousness, but actually anything in relation with Krishna is spiritual energy.

The mind does not dissolve, it changes its quality, or rather, it becomes purified. No, thoughts of feelings of love for Krishna is not ego-projected, or emotional, provided it is conformed by Spiritual Master [TEXT MISSING] great. Anyone who can understand how great God is, can automatically understand that God is great.

You can mention some parallels from Christian literature while explaining Bhagavad-gita, but you cannot find in any other scripture in the world the full information as given in the Bhagavad-gita. We should not forget that we are preaching science of God from Bhagavad-gita, which contains all spiritual instructions contained in other scriptures.

But if the public is unruly, simply to chant and not speak anything philosophy is the best. At that time there is no use wasting time talking with them on philosophy. Better for both you and the audience to chant and hear Hare Krishna.

I hope your questions are fully answered, and I will be looking forward to again seeing you all. Hope you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

P.S. Please inform Pradyumna that I have duly received the transliteration of B.S. Many thanks. ACB

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12 Apr 2004
Friday, April 12, 1968  

San Francisco, Calif.

My Dear Dayananda,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you for your letter post-dated April 8, 1968, and noted the contents with great interest.

I am so pleased to know that you are trying to understand this nice philosophy of Krsna consciousness almost new to your country. Krishna is so pleased that He has sent me so many nice boys and girls to cooperate with my mission, and I am feeling very happy for this Grace of Krishna.

Here in S.F. we are trying to purchase one nice church, and the matter is in negotiation. We have offered them the price which we can afford to pay, but they are bargaining the matter, so, if need be, I may ask you for some help in this connection.

I am happy that you are satisfied with your family, and continue like this, and be more and more happy with your good wife and your good God-sent child, Candramukhi. I am very much anxious to go there to Florida, because I have heard so much about this city, and because many retired men go there to settle.

I am always anxious to open a center there to attract these retired men, and convince them about the utility of Krishna consciousness, but I know also that this retired class of men is very difficult to be convinced because their life-long habit is difficult to be changed. I am rather hopeful with the young boys and girls who are attached to this movement.

I am starting for N.Y. on the 17th of April, and I think I shall be engaged in N.Y. and Boston throughout the months of April and May. As desired by you I could have gone to Florida by the month of June, but I understand you are coming back to L.A. by that time.

So we will think over the matter later on. But I shall be glad to know when the exact time you plan to return to L.A. You can write to me your next letter to the New York address (ISKCON, 26 Second Avenue, N.Y., N.Y.)

Regarding parampara system: there is nothing to wonder for big gaps. Just like we belong to the Brahma Sampradaya, so we accept it from Krishna to Brahma, Brahma to Narada, Narada to Vyasadeva, Vyasadeva to Madhva, and between Vyasadeva and Madhva there is a big gap. But it is sometimes said that Vyasadeva is still living, and Madhva was fortunate enough to meet him directly.

In a similar way, we find in the Bhagavad-gita that the Gita was taught to the sungod, some millions of years ago, but Krishna has mentioned only three names in this parampara system--namely, Vivasvan, Manu, and Iksvaku; and so these gaps do not hamper from understanding the parampara system. We have to pick up the prominent acaryas, and follow from him.

There are many branches also from the parampara system, and it is not possible to record all the branches and sub-branches in the disciplic succession. We have to pick up from the authority of the acharya in whatever sampradaya we belong to.

Hoping you are all three well, and please keep me informed.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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