Prabhupada Letters :: 1968
a.c. bhaktivedanta swami

21 Aug 2004
Wednesday, August 21, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

Dear Acyutananda and Jaya Govinda,

Please accept my blessings. I have received so many letters from both of you and I am replying today summarily, especially your joint letter dated July 27, 1968, and Jaya Govinda's letter dated August 19, 1968.

The first thing, I warn Acyutananda, do not try to initiate. You are not in a proper position now to initiate anyone. Besides that, the etiquette is that so long the Spiritual Master is present, all prospective disciples should be brought to him. Therefore if anyone is anxious to be initiated, he should first of all hear our philosophy and join chanting at least for three months, and then if required, I shall send chanted beads for him if you recommend. As we are doing here. Don't be allured by such maya. I am training you all to become future Spiritual Masters, but do not be in a hurry.

If the family of the boy who is so eager to be initiated certainly, are Vaisnavas, let them offer you some place, because you are in need of a place, first and foremost. In that place hold Kirtana daily, morning and evening, as we do, that will be the sign of their sincerity. So for the time being, hold Kirtana. as I have advised above, and speak from Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita, and try to serve the cause of the Krishna Consciousness society. You don't be attracted by such cheap disciples immediately. One has to rise gradually by service. If you get a place in Patel Nagar, that will be very nice.

Regarding printing: I have received one letter from the New O.D. Press. He is agreeable to print my books, as I have already advised him, with new types, and everything, desired by me. I understand that you also saw the proprietor and you might have talked with him. He wants some money immediately for purchasing new type. But I do not find anything in your letter whether it has been deposited by Hitsaranji into my bank.

In every letter I see there is promise, but in no letter do I find any news that the money is already deposited. If the money is not immediately deposited, how can I pay to the New O.D. Press and begin printing work?? Please immediately arrange for depositing the money by Hitsaranji in the bank so that I can issue check in favor of the New O.D. Press. This is very urgent, and let me know by return of post the result.

The next important thing is that if you both, both of you, jointly work, then our mission in India will be successful. Now so far printing of the books, let me know whether you can take charge of doing this work nicely. You can see also the following gentleman who is also a devotee of my activities, and you can show him this letter whether he can spart a room for your stay to supervise the printing work: Gopala Krishna Babu; c.o Bhananull Gulzari Lal; Iron Merchants; Chauri Basar; Delhi-6, India. It is near the O.D. Press, and if he agrees it will be a very nice thing for you.

Regarding gramophone records: When I was in India, Acyutananda knows that my record player was stolen. But when we went to Calcutta, one gentleman loaned us his record player machine, and it was nicely played. This is known to Acyutananda. This means that our record was played in another gentleman's machine. So there is no difficulty to play the records in Indian machine.

Now the summary is that you should definitely let me know immediately whether you can take charge of the printing works, whether you can distribute or sell the records, and whether in exchange of the records you can send me the Deities. These services are most important. Don't be allured by cheap disciples. Go on steadfastly to render service first.

If you immediately become Guru, then the service activities will be stopped; and as there are many cheap gurus and cheap disciples, without any substantial knowledge, and manufacturing new sampradayas, and with service activities stopped, and all spiritual progress choked up. You have already mentioned one such non-bonafide sampradaya, Jaya Krishna Sampradaya.

So let me know immediately what you are going to do, in respect to my above three important businesses entrusted to you. Jaya Govinda, you may know that I have already instructed Brahmananda to issue a letter of guarantee in your favor as you have desired.

Please continue to send me one letter every week, on Saturday, and this will facilitate our connection in a regular routine work.

Hope you are both well,

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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August 21, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Subala,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated August 6, 1968. And I am very glad to know that you are pulling on.

But one thing is that you must be self-independent, because for the time being, the students from other centers are sending you money and Krishna devi also has written me letter that she is sending through Dinesh a $100.00 a month. But how much you are spending and how much money you have received, please let me know. Because my next attempt will be to start a press. And I think in that press, your assistance will also be required. The press starting is very urgently needed, and in that case I shall be requiring at least $5000.00.

So your center must independent, self-independent, I might ask the students to pay me something out of their income for my press starting. So I shall be glad to hear from you what is the position and how you shall be maintaining your center. The idea is that local devotees must manage the local temple. In case of emergency, the other temples may help, but that should not be continued, for all the time. I think you will understand me right.

Sacisuta also has written me that he was in Los Angeles, now he is in San Francisco, and he wants to go to Buffalo. I have asked him to go to Boston, because in Boston there is necessity of such person to help Satsvarupa.

What about your permission for chanting in the park? This process has become successful everywhere. So you must get the permission, some way or other so that there will be no difficulty for collecting the necessary expenses. If you can chant in the park and collect some contributions, and can sell our literature, that will be very good propaganda.

I think as soon as you become self-dependent, you should ask the boys who are sending you money not to send money to you, but to me, because I will be requiring for starting the press. I am glad to learn that you are also looking for some job, and if by Grace of Krishna, you get it, that will solve the whole problem.

Hope this will meet you in good health, and awaiting your early reply.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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August 21, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Krishna devi,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you very much for your letter dated August 1, 1968, which I received just yesterday, after the mail strike.

Anyway, I am so much pleased to read the contents of the letter for your intelligent questions and many other things, and all mentioned there. The first thing is about your husband's endeavor to produce films of our activities. I very much appreciate this attempt and try to help your husband as much as possible in this matter. When you have no other engagement, at that time you can attempt to paint pictures if you have got taste for such artistic work.

I understand that you are sending $100.00 per month to Santa Fe, and I shall be glad to know for how many months, or how many installments you have sent there. Because I wanted you to send $100.00 say, for three months; I do not want that a branch should be continually maintained by other branches. Every branch should be self-dependent. Anyway I shall be glad to know how many installments you have already sent there, then I shall instruct you further.

It may be that I may ask you to send me some help because my next attempt will be to start a press of our own, in New York, or in Montreal, which will cost about $5,000. I am so pleased to note that you are always ready to serve my cause and you are proper prepared to follow my instructions in the service of Lord Krishna.

Regarding the child problem: I may inform you that all our children born of the Krishna conscious parents, they are welcome and I want hundreds of children like that. Because in future we expect to change the face of the whole world, because child is the father of man. Anyway, I have seen Malati is nursing her child so nicely that she attended my meeting every day and the child was playing and she never cried. Similarly, Lilavati's child also never cries or disturbs the meeting. Lilavati was always present with her child, so it depends on the mother. How to keep the child comfortable, so that it will not cry. The child cries only when it feels uncomfortable.

The child's comfort and discomfort depends on the mother's attention. So the best solution is that we should train our all first-day small babies in such a way that they are always satisfied and there will be no disturbance in the meeting, and there will be no complaint. But there cannot be any hard and fast rules that only children who are grown up, 7 or 8 years old, can be admitted and no other children can be admitted. That is not possible, and I am not going to sanction any such rule.

Rather I shall welcome a baby from the very beginning, so that the transcendental vibration may enter into its ear, and from the very beginning of its life, it becomes purified. But of course, the children cannot be allowed to disturb in the meeting by crying; and that is the mother's responsibility to keep them comfortable, and not to disturb the meeting.

Regarding your question about Cintamani dham, I may inform you that all the planets in the spiritual world is known as Cintamani dhama. And Goloka Vrndavana is one of the planets. Regarding the Queens of Dvaraka, mostly they were devotees, and some of them descended from the Vaikuntha planets, or they were manifestation from Goddess of Fortune, Laksmi.

The lump of iron stone which was delivered by Samba, the members of the Yadu family wanted to destroy it, by rubbing on a stone, and the pulp made out of the stone gridded down on the bank of a river, and gradually it grew into log. So at the end all the members of the Yadu family when they were fighting, took advantage of the log and beat one another and thus the whole family was dead and gone.

Your humbleness in the matter of becoming my disciple is very much appreciated by me, and keep this mentality, always, and you will be happy and advance in Krishna Consciousness.

With all my blessings, I beg to remain your

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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19 Aug 2004
Monday, August 19, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Purusottama,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated August 16, 1968, and have noted the contents carefully.

I thank you very much that you are always thinking of me; similarly, take it from me I also always think of you. I could not have allowed you to go to New York but your service was urgently needed by Brahmananda, so I could not refuse that. Anyway, your service to Krishna, either with me or anywhere else, is the same.

Your writing of letter to Jaya Govinda in India is all right. But at any cost, if he is in difficulty and if the letter of guarantee is absolutely necessary, then it should be issued in his favor, as requested by him. Regarding your inquiry into Japan for reprinting the book, the best thing will be to arrange for our own press. Take quotation from the Japanese firm, but I do not think, unless we print in large quantity, it will not be very cheap. Similarly, you can also inquire from Hong Kong as you have described, I have no objection, but our next attempt should be to start our own press.

As such, I have already instructed Uddhava about these things, and so far photography work is concerned, you have got some experience and you can learn about it sufficiently in the meantime. As soon as Advaita and Uddhava says the press can be started now, we must start our own press. That I have decided. And here, Anapurna, she has agreed and her future husband, Ananda, he has also agreed to work on the typographic machine. You can inquire the price of the typographic machine also.

Last time we inquired from IBM about the typographic machine, or vari-type machine, so I do not know whether Rayarama has already purchased it, but our printing process should be on the typographic machine and vari-type machine, and get the photo of the prints. That will be the process of our printing. So you can inquire in the meantime.

Today, the London party led by Mukunda and Syamasundara. will reach to New York, and if Syamasundara. requires the copy of Bhagavad-gita, for translating it into German. So if he wants it you may hand over the copy, original copies, from my closet, and he will translate into German.

Hope this will find you in good health; also, offer my blessings to Brahmananda, and others.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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August 19, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Brahmananda,

Please accept my blessings. I was duly in receipt of your letter dated 13rd August, 1968, and noted the contents carefully.

The London party led by Mukunda and Syamasundara. are going today to New York, and from there they will start for London. Please offer them good wishes and a nice send-off so that they can safely reach there and make an attempt for starting a nice temple there. So far Sivananda's affair is concerned, I have asked Mukunda to write to him and he will do the needful, or you can talk with him. And regarding the meeting for future constitutional form of our society, actually it is now needed.

So immediately I may not be able to go and meet and they are also in hurry for going to London, but because they will stay for a few days in New York, you can hold a preliminary meeting between yourself, Rayarama, Syamasundara., Mukunda, and if possible, call Rupanuga, Satsvarupa, Kirtanananda Maharaja, because they are nearer. Your suggestion for a committee. and the names you have suggested, just like Jayananda, Subala, Gargamuni, yourself, Rupanuga, Satsvarupa, Kirtanananda, Dayananda, is very nice. In this also, I think Mukunda's name should be also added. Anyway, you can hold a preliminary meeting and make a draft. Then we shall ratify it in our next meeting when I may be also able to participate and do it finally.

Your prayer to Nrsimhadeva is acting, because I am improving. When I came to USA in December, I feel I am much improved than the position in which I reached USA. And possibly I can improve more and more, and if Krishna desires, I may be able to work with renewed vigor, although I have stepped on the state of 73 years of my life.

The other day there was nice Janmastami festival, and many Indians participated in the ceremony and they had very good collection. The meeting was very successful. The next day also they held Nandotsav and Vyasa Puja ceremony. That was also very nice. Last night, on Sunday, there was marriage ceremony of Satyabhama and Paramananda. Their parents also came, and it was very nice ceremony.

By the by, I beg to inform you that I have applied for immigrant visa for USA also, and in that connection, I have submitted one letter of appointment signed by Purusottama and by you with my permission here.

Similarly, you can send me a letter reading as follows: The letter should be addressed to the Consulate General of the United States of America, 800 Place Victoria, Montreal 3, Quebec, Canada, and the reading matter should be as follows:

"Sir, I the undersigned president of the Inter. Soc. for KC beg to state that Swami AC Bhaktivedanta is the appointed Acarya (chief minister of religion) of this institution. This institution is incorporated in NY under the Religious Act number such and such and it has got the following branches all over the country. [Mention herein all the 6 branches in USA, namely NY, NM, Boston, SF, Buffalo, LA.]

"His presence is very urgently required to transact the religious activities of all the centers, and the society is pleased to provide him for all his expenditures, in the matter of living, expenses, traveling expenses, and the publication of his books. His books are already selling very nicely and one of his books is being published by Mssrs. MacMillan Co. and so personally he has also a nice income, besides from our contribution for his maintenance.

"So in all circumstances, he will never be public charge. His services are profoundly needed by this religious denomination in the US and he will be simply carrying out the occupation of a minister of this religious institution."

So you send me the above letter signed by you as president along with the photostat copies of certificates which you may have in NY. I have got the original, so if you have not got photostat copies then I shall have to get them here. While signing, just stamp our society's seal which you have got with you.

I have given instruction to Yamuna to write one certificate form and in that connection she may require to see the seal dimension so if she wants to see, you can show or give her an impression of the seal.

Hope you are all well

Your ever wellwisher

PS. As Jaya Govinda is working on behalf of the Society, I think the letter of guarantee which he has asked for may be sent. What about the Mrdangas and Harmonium from Dwarkin and what about the United Shipping Corp? Is Kallan affair settled up?

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August 19, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Satsvarupa,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated August 12, 1968, and I have noted the contents carefully.

Regarding the missing first 15 chapters, rest assured there will (be) no difficulty to get them back, and I am just remembering where they are lying. Most probably it is in India, so in my next letter, I shall inquire from Acyutananda or if you desire, you can inquire from him, also. His address is, c.o Radha Press, 993.3 Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Delhi-31.

Regarding collection from the park: Please try to get the permit. This will help us getting such permit in all other centers. This responsive contribution of our kirtana is very nice program for our propaganda. If you are successful in this matter, then there will be no difficulty about our financial position. If we can sell our books and literature and have some collection from the public, then our economic problem is solved. So try to get this permit with your great endeavor.

Another thing, you will be pleased to know that I have advised Sacisuta to go to you and join you. He is now in San Francisco, and you can also write to him as I have advised to join you, you can also send him an invitation letter. That boy is searching out a nice place of peace so that he can execute Krsna Consciousness; I think he was not satisfied in Los Angeles, so he proposes to go to Buffalo, but I have advised him to go to you, and if you invite him, it will be nice.

So far Jadurani is concerned, inform her that this body is Krsa's body. Therefore, she should take care of her health. Of course it is very encouraging that she puts forward service of Krsna first, then all other consideration. It is very nice, and I very much appreciate this attempt. But still, we should not neglect about our health. Because the body of a devotee is not material. The body of a devotee should not be neglected as material. This has been warned by the Gosvamis, that we should not neglect any material thing if it can be used for Krsna Consciousness.

So her body, because it is engaged in Krsna's service, is valuable. So not only she, but all of you, should take care of this poor girl. She has left her parents and she is unmarried, no husband, so of course, she is not poor, because she has got so many God-brothers, and sisters, and above all Krsna, she is not at all poor. In spite of that, we should care about her health. That is our duty, and inform her that she may not strain beyond her capacity. Of course, such kinds of trouble may come and go, a devotee s not afraid of such things, but still it is our duty to think always that this is Krsna's body, and this must not be neglected.

So far the Mahajana comic picture, it was very nicely drawn, but actually it is not so distinct. Next time, I request that picture must be very distinct and clear. There is no question of hurrying. I have given some hints to Brahmananda about a story of a mouse and a tiger, and you can ask him for the hints. And he will give you. In the meantime, if Brahmananda asks you to join in some important meeting, I think you will be able to go for a day or two. I am so glad that Sriman Srinivasa is already contributing some money for the activities of the society, and please convey my sincere thanks to him, and Krishna will be very much please, for his mentality.

Regarding your question: Is it not true that by service I am with you? It is very correct. You are not only in connection with me, but you are connected with the whole posterity, up to Krishna. It is so nice thing. By service only, we are connected. As it is stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam, "Sevon mukhe hi jihvadau svayam eva sphuraty adhah." So the presence of Krishna is always everywhere, but it is simply manifested by your service. That is the technique. "Sabhung Kalidumbrum" everywhere Brahma is present. Just like everywhere there is electricity. It is the technical art that brings out electric power from everywhere. So by service, you are not only in touch with me, but my Predecessors, the Acaryas, up to Krishna.

The fourth Canto Bhagavata is already there, and I do not know how far you have made progress, but do not be in hurry. The temple organization is your first business, and editing secondary, because there are many others also who can do that. But the organization of the temple and to make the Boston center a nice center, because there are so many young men students and we are specially interested in the younger generation because they can accept this philosophy very quickly. And in the Srimad-Bhagavatam it is recommended by Prahlada Maharaja that unmarried boys should accept this Bhagavata dharma or Krishna Consciousness for their life's benefit.

We have to convince them about this, that this life is very valuable so long this material education has misled us. Misled us in this way, that it is without Krishna Consciousness. So when Krishna Consciousness added to this material advancement, it becomes aromatic gold. Gold is very beautiful, but if there is some aroma, aromatic gold, if it is available in the market, it will have greater value. So material civilization is very good for comforts of the body. Now if we do not utilize the strength and comforts of body for Krishna Consciousness, it will be used for sense gratification. And that will degrade our position.

So the younger section of this country should take it very seriously, that they should take to Krishna Consciousness, and the next generation will be a different public, in the western world, who are materially and spiritually advanced and they will be happy in this life as well as in the next.

Hope you are all well there, and please take care that Jadurani shall remain healthy and not over expend herself.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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August 19, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Tamala Krishna,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated August 13, 1968, and noted the contents with so happiness.

I am glad to see in your letter indication that within very short time, you have been entrapped by Lord Krishna's Grace and you have expressed your transcendental feelings in such a nice way, that I cannot but admire your capacity to grasp so quickly about the whole philosophy and I must pray to Lord Krishna for your more and more advancement in Krishna Consciousness, and be happy and successful even within this very life. That is my ardent desire.

The Krishna Consciousness is certainly the need for the western countries; I think timely I have come to your country, and if the younger generation like you will cooperate with me, I am certain this movement will give the western youngsters a transcendental gift which will be recorded in the progress of history. I am so much grateful to you and other devotees of the Krishna Consciousness society that it gives me a great pride that Krishna has given me association of such nice boys.

So far the nectarine of Krishna Consciousness is concerned, it is actually the thirst-quenching element of the dry material advancement. One Vaisnava poet, has sung so nicely, that this material world is just like a desert, and to cover the desert oceans of water are required. But if somebody tries to water the desert of our heart with such seemingly water, namely, the association which was aspired by Mr. Alexander Shellkirk, I think you have this poetry, an English poetry which we read in our childhood in India, that one Mr. Alexander Shellkirk, he is lamenting, he was thrown in isolated island, that society, friendship and love, divinely bestowed upon man.

This is of course true. The society, friendship and love as we materially experience have got some fascination, but such fascination is compared by the poet Vidyapati as a drop of water of the ocean. His purport of singing is that, My dear Lord, this drop of water which we derive from the association of society, friendship, and love, what it can do in the desert of my heart? But unfortunately, I am attached to this drop of water only and have forgotten You. Therefore my future is very much hopeless, and I am seeking you, My Master, as the only solution.

So this is the process. The material advancement cannot give actual happiness to the people and the Krishna Consciousness movement will surely quench the parched throat of all materialistic persons, if they are properly administered under the guidance of disciplic succession of previous acaryas, beginning from Lord Caitanya intermediated by the Goswamis, and followed by us. So my request to you is that you are doing very nicely, I have heard from other students that your attempt to spread Krishna Consciousness movement in San Francisco is very laudable, please continue your energy in that way.

About my coming to San Francisco, I have already written to Jayananda. I am always hankering after going there, but because there are some other program, immediately, so please ask all the devotees on my behalf to wait and in the meantime, enjoy chanting Hare Krishna. The chanting Hare Krishna is our main business, that is real initiation. And as you are all following my instruction, in that matter, the initiator is already there.

Now the next initiation will be performed as a ceremony officially, of course that ceremony has value because the name, Holy Name, will be delivered to the student from the disciplic succession, it has got value, but in spite of that, as you are going on chanting, please go on with this business sincerely and Krishna willing, I may be coming to you very soon. I have already written to Jayananda about this, so don't be impatient. Pray to Krishna that I may meet you very soon.

Regarding the devotees headed by Mukunda and Syamasundara., who are going to London, they are starting today for New York, and from there they will go to London. One boy from here, Sivananda, he has already gone to Europe, probably Krishna has desired that we should introduce this movement in Europe also, maybe we may require many hands, devotees who are being trained in USA, to go to all other parts of European countries.

Your appreciation for the service of your God-brothers is very much laudable. This is actually a devotee's business that everyone should appreciate the value of other devotees. Nobody should criticize anyone. Because everyone is engaged in the service of the Lord, according to one's capacity, and the thing is, Krishna wants to see how much one is sincere in rendering Him service. Materially we may think that his service is greater than his, that is our material vision. Actually on the spiritual platform, the service rendered by a calf to Krishna and service rendered by Radharani and Her Associates, to Krishna, there is no difference.

Krishna is so kind and liberal that everyone's service, when it is sincerely offered to Krishna, He accepts. This is the statement in the Bhagavad-gita. That He accepts a little bit of flower, fruit, and water, offered to Him in devotion and love. He wants our love and devotion, otherwise, he is the Proprietor of everything, what can we give Him? This position of our subordination should always be maintained and we should always give respect to our pure devotees who are engaged, in devotional service, that will make us able to make a progressive march in the devotional line.

Thanking you once more, for your very nice letter, and hope you are all well there.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

P.S. Please find out my stationary somewhere in the basement kept by Upendra and send them here. Inform Jayananda that I have received his check for $75.00. ACB

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August 19, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Gargamuni,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of our letter dated August 13, 1968, and in the meantime I have also addressed one letter to Upendra, as well as to Mr. Renovich,* asking for the passage money to go to Vancouver, but I have received neither any letter nor any passage money from either of them.

Under the circumstances, I can understand that the situation in Vancouver is not favorable for starting a center there immediately, so we can stop that attempt, and you may do the needful. But anything you do, that means starting a center must be first of all estimated that we must be able to continue it. Otherwise, rather we should not open a center in any place.

Whatever centers we have already started that must be maintained. The London party is going to New York today, and from there they will start for London, as soon as possible. That center is immediately necessary, because we have no center in Europe. Anyway don't be worried if the Vancouver situation is not good; stop the idea, and you may go back to USA, as it is already suggested.

Hope you are both well, and be careful of your health. And don't be worried.

Thanking you once more for your kind letter.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

*Having not received any reply from either of them. I am doubtful whether they have not received my letters. Kindly inquire what is the matter and let we know.

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August 19, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Balai dasi and Advaita das,

Please accept my blessings. It was so kind of you that you have sent me a Birthday cake, and you will be pleased to know that Govinda dasi and her husband Gaurasundara, decorated the bread with nice different kinds of candles, and it was offered to Krishna and then I enjoyed the bread, part of it, and the rest was distributed to the devotees. It was very nice.

The other day they performed my Birthday Anniversary, very decently, there were good gathering and people appreciated. And before that, there was Janmastami, at night all the Indians here, they joined and they contributed also liberally. So here the news are very good, as you have in NY and the London party they are proceeding to NY today and will reach there and stay for a few days, and then will go to London. Give them hearty send-off and good wishes.

I again thank you for your nice cake.

So far your work is concerned, now I am serious about starting a press as soon as possible, and because there is no other alternative, we must have a good press. So I have already advised about these things to Uddhava, and he will inform you. And I have also advised Purusottama that he trains somewhat in taking photographs, and some of the girl students, especially Annapurna, she knows how to use typographic machine, and her future husband, Ananda, he has also some idea of press work. So, and your wife Balai dasi, she has also some knowledge in typewriting, so I do not think there is any difficulty for conducting a press, and we must do it as soon as possible.

Uddhava suggested that to start a complete press, it will require about $5000.00 so I think Krishna will arrange to supply the necessary money, but you should try to start the press as soon as possible. Of course, in Montreal there is sufficient place, and more students are coming here, being chased by the draftboard, under the circumstances, if it would have been possible to have a nice press here, then we could engage all the draft-age boys in the press work. But you say that NY is the best place, so we must start the press in the best place.

That is first consideration, and Krishna will give us all strength, and printing of Bhagavatam and other Vaisnava literature is my life and soul, so press is the biggest mrdanga, recognized by my Guru Maharaja, so I shall request you to qualify yourself for such work as soon as possible, and with Krishna's Name, let us start it as soon as possible.

Thanking you once more for sending me the nice letter and cake and offer my blessings to all other students, including your good wife, Hope you and Balai dasi are both well.

Your ever well-wisher,

letters | 05:34 |

August 19, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Sacisuta,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated August 9, 1968, and I can understand your problem.

The principle to be followed by devotee is clear and nice. It is stated in the Bhagavatam, that one should be chanting the Hare Krishna mantra in such a nice way that he shall become completely disassociated with any other contamination. That should be our point of view. Of course, that stage of reaching requires much time, still we should try to do it. So if you decide to stay in some place, with determination, without looking to the circumstances and concentrating your energy in the service of Lord Krishna, that will make you steadfast.

Anyway, as you have returned from Los Angeles, and you are asking my advice to go somewhere else. I may inform you, of course Rupanuga's association is very good, and you want to go to Buffalo, but instead of going to Buffalo, if you can go to Boston and help Satsvarupa because he requires the assistance of a man like you, as he suggested in his previous letter, so if you have no any previous objection, then instead of going to Buffalo, you can go to Boston. That is my advice. But I have no objection if you go to Buffalo.

But wherever you may go, the point should be that our main business is service to Krishna and awkward circumstances may happen anywhere, and we should be able to hold up to all such circumstances, steadfastly we will go on with our business of service to Lord Krishna.

The Boston center is also very important, because there are many students and Boston is educational center, especially there are so many universities so if you concentrate your energy and can organize the student community to understand our philosophy it will be a great service. Fortunately, in our movement the youngsters are attracted. And in your country, I have studied it thoroughly, that the younger generation is looking after some sort of new engagement, and they are not very much interested in the materialistic way as America is professing. This is very natural.

When one person, or one community, makes such improvement in material advancement the next stage is the spiritual inquiry. So I have felt the pulse of your country, not of your country, but throughout the whole western world, and younger generation, they are in need of this Krishna Consciousness movement. And I am therefore sending a branch to Europe, beginning from London, and so you are very intelligent boy, and Satsvarupa is also very intelligent boy, and if you organize the students to attract them to this movement, it will be great service to your country, and to the cause of Lord Krishna.

I hope with faith and dexterity, you will do the needful, and I shall be glad to hear from you occasionally.

Hope this will find you all right.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami

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17 Aug 2004
Saturday, August 17, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Jayananda,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated August 12, 1968 and I have noted the contents.

I am as much anxious to go to San Francisco as you are always anxious get me to San Francisco, and receive me there. But immediately I never said to Pradyumna that I can go to San Francisco, so immediately do not arrange for renting any apartment, because I am contemplating on going to Vancouver. It is not yet settled, but there is chance of my going there and I wish to go to San Francisco from there.

Yes I have inquired from Govinda dasi that she and her husband can utilize the half ticket facility, so when I settle to go, certainly I shall ask you to send me the necessary money and I am so pleased that you are always ready to send us the required money and return back to San Francisco. In the meantime, please go on as usual, and I am so pleased to learn that the Patels are taking great interest in our temple affairs. Please convey by blessings to all the boys and girls there.

Last night we had very nice performance of Janmastami ceremony and all the San Francisco devotees and some of the New York devotees including Uddhava are all now present here. The Indian public here also took great interest in this program this year. And today they are performing both the Vyasa Puja and Nandotsav ceremony.

Regarding Murli Manohar Murti, I understand that the Patels are ready to present silver Murti, but we cannot worship Murli Manohar alone, without being accompanied by His most favorite consort Radharani. You know that we worship Radha's Krishna. We should always understand that Krishna is sold to the loving service of Radha, therefore Krishna cannot be alone. And the Gaudiya Vaisnavas they want to see Krishna as Radha's property.

Therefore, if Mr. Patel can present a Pair of Radha Krishna Murti, not less than 18" in height, never mind even They are made of yellow brass metal, that will be very nice. And if They are made of silver, that is still more nice. And it will be my great pleasure to install the Murtis in the temple as soon as They are ready.

If it is possible to rent a bigger place for our temple, even without possessing the same as our property, I think that will be a great facility. I understand that new men are now coming in the temple. You may consult with the Patels about this and do the needful. Thank you all very much for your doing nicely in San Francisco.

Yesterday, Mukunda and Gurudasa were telling me that the man known as Asoka Fakir, now living in San Francisco, is advertising himself that the members of our temple are all his disciples. This man has written me letter also, from which I can understand that he is a hodge-podge man.

He is not a pure devotee of Krishna, neither his behavior is quite up to the standard. Therefore you should warn all our devotees not to mix with this man very intimately.

Hope you are all well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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August 17, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Hayagriva,

Please accept my blessings. I am so glad to receive your note dated August 13, 1968, with the copy of lease agreement and I have gone through it carefully. When you were here I suggested to purchase the land out-right. But I think it has not been possible. But on the face of the lease, it appears as good as sale document.

But the clause, "Excepting and reserving however, all of the coal within and underlying said property, and subject to the mining rights and privileges set forth in the deed conveying said coal, made by Joseph E. McCombs, et al., dated March 30, 1903, recorded in said Clerk's office in Deed Book 98, at page 185," has caused my headache. I do not know what is written there in the Clerk's office in Deed Book 98, but on common sense, it appears that the area is coal mine or oilmine.

Under the circumstances, if in future coal industry is developed and if it is required, the government may at once ask us to vacate and no law can stop it. Even if the government does not acquire our land, if in our vicinity some such industry (coal or oil industry) is started, the whole idea of Vrindaban will fade away. Vrindaban conception is a transcendental village, without any botheration of the modern industrial atmosphere.

My idea of developing New Vrindaban is to create an atmosphere of spiritual life where people in bona fide order of social division, namely, Brahmacaris, Grhasthas, Vanaprastha, Sannyasis, or specifically Brahmacaris and Sannyasis, and Vanaprasthas, will live there independently, completely depending on agricultural produce and milk from the cows. The life should be simplified without being hampered by laboring day and night for economic development, without any spiritual understanding.

The New Vrindaban idea is that persons who live there will accept the bare necessities of life to maintain the body and soul together and the major part of time should be engaged in development of Krishna Consciousness. The whole Vedic principle is to develop Krishna Consciousness, without creating much botheration for the program of sense gratification. Industrial development (or mining industry) in the neighboring places will mar the whole idea.

Now you have to consider, yourself, looking forward to the future, of the land, and then decide, what to do. I do not like to have New Vrindaban with industrial or mining areas. I have got experience of them in India, that the mining areas are simply next to dungeon. The workers in the mines are considered to be residing in the hell. And we can never expect any good behavior from such workers. So we must think of the atmosphere around Vrindaban.

In India also our present government, they are trying to develop industries in the vast tracts of land around Vrindaban, and creating a hellish atmosphere. So I shall request you to be assured of the future of the land, and then do the needful. The summary is that the face of the lease agreement appears to be all right, but I am thinking of a spiritual development. I hope you have received my previous letter and I am expecting your reply as soon as possible.

Last night we celebrated here Janmastami festival very gorgeously, and many Indians in large number attended and they contributed also very liberally. One Madrasi gentleman demonstrated a Krishna dance by his two young daughters, and it was nice. At the present moment, many devotees from San Francisco, New York (specifically your intimate friend Umapati, is present here) have come here.

Today they will observe Vyasa Puja ceremony (my Birthday Anniversary), so from this day, I will be stepping on the 73rd year. I hope the remaining days of my life may be utilized to serve you all Western devotees of Krishna.

Please pray to Krishna that he may give me the necessary strength to discharge the duty entrusted by my Spiritual Master.

Convey my blessings to Kirtanananda, and I hope you are all doing well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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15 Aug 2004
August 15, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec
Room Conversation

(Chanting of japa in background)

Prabhupada: Your child is very nice. It does not cry. (laughter) Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. So your starting is very nice.

Syamasundara: Pardon?

Prabhupada: Your starting London yatra is very nice, beginning. Now you practice, all.

Hamsaduta: Together?

Prabhupada: Yes, every morning, and just make systematic so that it becomes very nice. And at least twelve heads. So you are husband wife. How many pairs? Six? Or five? Come. And you are also going? Eh? London? I ask you, Annapurna.

Annapurna: Yes.

Prabhupada: Eh? You want to go with them or you want to go separately?

Child: I would like to go with Annapurna.

Prabhupada: Oh. That's all right. Hare Krsna. Chant Hare Krsna. (devotees chant japa) All right. Oh, it is too little. The plate is not yet full. Give me one spoon. Himavati?

Himavati: Yes?

Prabhupada: You can give two rabris (milk sweet).

Hamsaduta: Can I put some on here?

Prabhupada: Yes, why not? Halava is very nice. Who has prepared? Oh.


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