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a.c. bhaktivedanta swami

3 Jul 2004
Wednesday, July 3, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Satsvarupa,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated June 28, 1968, and I thank you very much for it.

Regarding Bali Maharaja: He is born in the same atheistic family of Maharaja Prahlada. He happened to be the grandson of Maharaja Prahlada, and as his great grand-father, Hiranyakasipu was very powerful, and as there was animosity between the demigods and the demons, Bali Maharaja also defeated the demigods several times, and was occupying all the planets. At that time Vamanadeva appeared as the son of Kasyamuni.

Bali Maharaja was very charitably disposed. Sometimes the atheists are also very charitable. Persons who believe that we are doing pious activities, making charities and welfare work to the human society, why should we bother about God?--such persons even though very moral and pious in the estimation of the material world, are also demons, on account of their apathy for Krishna Consciousness.

So, Bali Maharaja was a man of that type. Under the circumstances he was not averse to accept charity and other pious activities. He was being guided by his spiritual master, Sukaracharya. Sukara means the semina. In other words, one claims to become acharya on the principle of being born of a Brahmin father. They may be called sukaracharya, or acharya or preacher not by disciplic succession, but on the right of heredity.

In India there are still superstitions that one should be initiated by such sukaracharya family. They are called generally as the jatigosain. Jatigosain means the caste spiritual master. All over India, especially in Bengal, this jatigosain spiritual mastership is very prevalent. But really goswami means one who is master of the influence of different senses, namely the influence of tongue, the influence of mind, the influence of anger, the influence of belly, the influence of genital, and the influence of talking.

So one who is master of these influential webs of sense gratification, he is called goswami. Goswami is not by hereditary chart. So Sukaracharya posed himself as such goswami spiritual master. He had many mystic powers, therefore he was considered to be very influential spiritual master of the demons.

So when Vamanadeva appeared, Bali Maharaja was attracted by His beauty as a Dwarf Brahmin, and as he was charitably disposed, he wanted to give Him some charity. But Sukaracharya, being elevated in mystic yogic powers, he could understand that Vamanadeva was Visnu. And in order to favor the demigods, He had come there to cheat Bali Maharaja in the shape of begging some charities.

Bali Maharaja was puffed up with his material vanities, and Vamanadeva as He is Visnu, all-peaceful, without interrupting his attitude, just approached him in the form of a Brahmin, Who has a right to beg something from the princely order. And the principle orders also are always disposed, to make charities to the Brahmins.

Question, para. 2, answer: Sukracarya as spiritual master of Bali taught him that everything should be offered to Visnu. But when Visnu actually appeared before Bali, he was afraid of Bali Maharaja's charitable disposition. He warned Bali Maharaja that this Vamanadeva had come there to take everything from him in the shape of charity, therefore he should not promise Him to give anything. This advice revolted Bali Maharaja because he was formerly instructed that everything should be offered to Visnu, now, why Sukaracharya was asking him not to act by his previous instructions?

Sukaracharya was afraid of his own position. He was living at the cost of Bali Maharaja, so if Vamanadeva would take away everything from Bali Maharaja, he was thinking how he would live. That is a materialistic temperament. The materialist does not want to serve or to give to Visnu, because he thinks that by giving away to Visnu he will be put into poverty-stricken condition. This is materialistic estimation. But actually that is not the fact, as it will be evidenced by the dealing of Bali Maharaja and Vamanadeva.

Question 1, answer: That is the materialistic way of worshiping. Materialists are always careful for maintaining his material status quo first, and then please Visnu. Although they profess to be devotees of Visnu. Therefore the Krishna Consciousness persons are greater than such materialistic worshippers. Materialist person perform all pious activities or devotional activities for some material gain, and as soon as there is any hindrance in the path of material gain, they at once become demon.

Therefore bhakti means without any material desires. That is the sign of pure devotee. He has no motive to satisfy his material desires by devotional service.

Question 2, answer: That is just his military spirit, that Bali Maharaja says "If He be the illustrious Lord Visnu not desirous of foregoing His own fame, He shall wrest from me this earth after slaying me in battle, or He shall be slain by me." The last portion of this question is not very clear.

Question 3, answer: Why Bali Maharaja is considered a Mahajana: Bali Maharaja is Mahajana because he wanted to serve Visnu by disobeying his non-bonafide spiritual master. As explained above, Sukracarya was hereditary spiritual master by seminic succession. But Bali Maharaja first revolted against this stereotyped seminic succession spiritual master, and therefore he is Mahajana.

Srila Jiva Goswami has described in his Karamasandharvha that one should be anxious to accept a spiritual master who is bona fide in spiritual knowledge. And if need be one should relinquish the connection of hereditary spiritual master and accept a real bona fide spiritual master.

So when Sukaracharya advised him contrary to his previous instructions, specifically, he checked Bali Maharaja in the matter of worshipping Visnu, and thus Sukaracharya became at once fallen down from the position of becoming a spiritual master.

Nobody can become a spiritual master who is not a devotee of Visnu. A brahmana may be very expert in the matter of performing Vedic rituals, accepting charities, and distributing wealth--all these are exalted qualifications of the brahmanas, but the Vedic injunction is, in spite of possessing all these qualities, if somebody is against Lord Visnu, he cannot be a spiritual master.

So when Sukaracharya advised Bali Maharaja against Visnu, he at once became unqualified for becoming a spiritual master. Bali Maharaja disobeyed such unqualified spiritual master, and therefore, he is accepted as Mahajana. Mahajana means a personality whose footprints should be followed. So, his exemplary behavior in rejecting a non-Vaisnava spiritual master being ideal to the bona fide students, he is considered a Mahajana.

If Jadurani wants to paint the picture of Bali Maharaja, it should be like this: 1) The hall must be very nicely decorated, & princely hall, 2) in one side of the hall, the royal throne should be presented as vacant, and 3) Bali Maharaja should pose himself bowing down before Lord Vamanadeva, and Vamanadeva should be painted with one leg on the earth; and one leg high in the sky; and one leg coming out of his navel, and put on the head of Bali Maharaja.

This means the charity of one's possessions is not full for the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but when one's personal body and head is given to the service of the Lord, then one becomes perfect in offering everything to the Lord. This is called complete surrender of everything that a devotee may possess.

Bali Maharaja may be shown as not more than 40 years old, very nice looking king, well dressed like the royal order, and with mustache and no beard. Sukaracharya should be wearing a Saivite tilaka, and also Maharaja Bali can have a Saivite tilaka, until after he meets with Vamanadeva, and then you can change Bali Maharaja's tilaka into a Vaisnava one.

Yes, Pradyumna is typing that 3rd canto and will send you soon.

Hoping you are all well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

P.S. While posting this letter, I have received your letter by 2nd July, 1968. I am glad to learn that Kirtana process in the Park is going on well as you received $50.00 last Sunday. This is very encouraging as in N.Y. also they are following the same process with success. I have received one letter from Rayarama as he is not going to Boston but he is in L.A. He will write you. Regarding immigration, I am sending here with the copy of the letter addressed to Mr. Hamilton. I think you should see Mr. Hamilton & take from him written letter advising me the right direction. I don't want to see the U.S. Counsel.

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Wednesday, July 3, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Rupanuga,

Please accept my blessings. I am so glad to receive your letter dated June 30, 1968, just when I was thinking of you, that I have not heard from you since you met me at Boston--immediately I got your letter and it was so nice coincidence! At the same time, 3 beloved devotees, namely Brahmananda, Rayarama, and Gargamuni also arrived at the same moment.

So just now in Montreal it is very pleasing atmosphere. Last night we had meetings and sankirtana very nicely, and Brahmananda, Rayarama and Janardana, they spoke each 15 to 20 minutes and they spoke very nicely. And as you are also making progress in Buffalo, which I can understand from the description of your letter, so I am getting more and more enthused that my spiritual children are growing to Krishna Consciousness, and I can hope each one of you in future will be able to propagate this transcendental message.

I was so glad to learn that you are coming here with your child, Mr. Eric, and I shall be very glad to receive him here. I hope he is chanting Hare Krishna as he is already accustomed to it. This is the duty of father and mother to enlighten children in Krishna Consciousness and thus save them from the clutches of impending death. The Srimad-Bhagavatam instructs that no body should become father or mother if they cannot take this responsibility, namely, stopping the repeated birth and death cycle of their children.

Yes, the new house sounds very nice, and you can decorate it as you have suggested. It is very nice.

Yes, try to let James hear patiently this Hare Krishna Mahamantra, and he will be tamed without delay. If somebody simply hears very patiently, he will be altogether converted. In India, if a man is bitten by a serpent, it used to be, and still is in some places, that an expert man would chant a mantra, and apply some herbs, and the serpent-bitten man would be saved from death. Similarly, we are bitten by the maya-serpent, and the mantra to save us is Hare Krishna. It in Lord Caitanya's mantra.

Yes, Buffalo will certainly gradually grow to a nice center, because there is a sincere devotee like you. When Vidura met Maharaja Yudhisthira received him by saying that, your good self can make any place a sacred place of pilgrimage because you always carry within your heart Lord Krishna. So that is the real truth. Anyone who carries Krishna within himself, constantly, can go anywhere and turn the place into a sacred pilgrimage. That is the verdict of Srimad-Bhagavatam and blessings of Lord Caitanya.

Lord Caitanya gave a plain order that anywhere we go, simply talk of Krishna Consciousness, and you will become a spiritual master. So, if we simply do this work very sincerely, our life, and the life of those who will hear us, will be benedicted.

It is very good news that you have got good prospects of the future of that center in Buffalo. And you will be glad to know that in New York and Boston, by following this process of chanting in public places like parks and streets, they are getting very good response by contributions from the public, as well as by selling our literatures.

Yes, I quite agree with you, on this money subject. This subject matter I have discussed here also. The difficulty is that in your country the Brahmacaris cannot go and beg from door to door, therefore the process which is now adopted by Hamsaduta is coming to be very hopeful. But boys who are not engaged in the temple service during daytime must try to get some money be working or some other way. Without money it is not possible to exist in the material world.

Although Krishna is always on the background, still Krishna advised Arjuna that you have to fight, at the same time, remember Me. The same principles we have to follow. We have to work, just like others, and at the same time think of Krishna constantly. Outsiders should be educated to know that we are the most humble service of the human society.

The word klin is significance of the mantras being the root of devotional activities. Krishnyaya, unto Krishna; Govindaya, unto Govinda; Gopijanavallabhaya, unto the Pleasure Reservoir of the damsels of Vraja, and Svaha, offering oblations unto Him. You will get in time the translations of all the mantras.

Yes, we have got all the qualities of the Supersoul. Therefore, unless the Supersoul has got consciousness, how we can have consciousness? We are the samples, therefore the origin must have all the qualities that we have. There is no such thing as acceptance or rejection by the mind of the Supersoul.

Our mind is in the present material existence a nonsense. It's business is simply to accept or reject. The Supersoul has no separate mind like that, but He has got mind also, and whatever he thinks in his mind, also, that is a fact. There is no question of accepting or rejecting.

In Sanskrit language it is called Satya Sankalpa. And our mind is Vikalpa. The mind, body and the Supersoul is the same Absolute truth, there is no distinction between Them. This is in answer to your question, "is the `conscience' the symptom of the Supersoul?"

Your question, "could we use alchemy to make gold for Krishna's altar?" but--I could not follow what you mean by using alchemy for Krishna's altar, but if you can make Krishna's sitting place made of gold, either by alchemy or by purchasing gold, it will be a grand success. But I do not advise you take advantage of alchemy for making gold, it it is not certain. We should not waste our time on that which is not very sure.

If you can manufacture gold, then we can very soon spread our Krishna Consciousness, but I think Krishna will not give us that opportunity, because as soon as we get large quantity of gold, we forget Krishna. That nature is incumbent in our character.

Yes, those twelve symptoms of the spiritual soul are correct, except for "all-knowing". All-knowing it cannot be, but full of knowledge.

The scientists' anti-matter is different from the anti-matter conception which I discussed in my book, Easy Journey to Other Planets. I think I have explained this by correspondence with Dr. Welk.

Regarding your questions, (1) "how the simpler faith of a real Christian, that is not so advanced in knowledge of the Supreme Person, differs in ecstasy or the end result of God-consciousness," and (2) "a devotee who has experienced some ecstasy in the company of Christians suggests that if there be no quantitative or qualitative difference between the two forms of Kirtana, then the simpler philosophy of Christianity has the advantage, and that our philosophy is for the intelligent class of men, true, but of what advantage is such intelligence if the end is the same?"

(1) There is no ecstasy in such simple faith; there cannot be any ecstasy. The Christian faith as it is now exhibited, they have simply a faint idea of God as order-supplier. Certainly God is the Origin, Source of all supplies, and either God-conscious persons or demons, everybody is enjoying the general supplies made by God. It is just like a rich father maintains all kinds of children; some of them may be highly qualified, some of them are rascals.

The father does not mind whether a child is rascal or qualified, but out of his love for all of them he supplies the essentials for the children. Out of such many children, if someone of them feels grateful to the father, and thus develops love for the father, as it is expected, his position is better than the other children. And the father is also endeared to such a devoted child.

Similarly, God is equal to everyone, but one who developed love of Godhead, and has practically employed oneself in the service of the Lord, he is in real touch and favor of the Lord. That is the difference.

(2) We want ecstasy, it does not matter one feels it in Christian church or in other church. But, one who feels ecstasy in Krishna Consciousness or God-consciousness, he finishes his ecstasy in material enjoyment--that is the test. One cannot say he is feeling enjoyment--that is the test. One cannot say he is feeling ecstasy in some company, and at the same time, he is trying to take advantage of material sense gratification. This is not possible.

This ecstasy doesn't depend on the intelligence or non-intelligence; it is spontaneous response, without any cause. If one is fortunate to have such ecstasy, it is to be understood that his life is successful.

We do not advocate any sectarian religion. We are concerned to invoke our dormant love for God. Any method that helps us in reaching such platform is welcome, but we find practically that by chanting Hare Krishna, many students have come to the platform of ecstasy. But we have hardly found anyone to come to that stage simply by following the religious rituals; that is the difference. So, Krishna Consciousness is meant for the most intelligent class of men.

Your question, "if in the Vaikunthas ecstatic love between Lord Narayana and His devotees and Lord Krishna Consciousness and His devotees on Krishna Loka is qualitatively the same, then what is the advantage of following the path of Krishna Consciousness, whose philosophy austerity is difficult to understand?"

Krishna Consciousness philosophy includes the whole Vaisnava philosophy. When we speak Krishna, the very Word means, Rama, Nrsimha, Varaha, and all other similar expansions and incarnations. So Krishna Consciousness includes Vaikuntha consciousness, but Vaikuntha consciousness does not include Krishna Consciousness. Those who are strictly following the rules and regulations of Vaisnava activities, they are promoted to Vaikuntha lokas. But those who have developed a spontaneous love for Krishna, they are promoted to the Krishna Loka.

Therefore, although Krishna Consciousness includes Vaikuntha consciousness, pure Krishna Consciousness is spontaneous love for Krishna without any regulative principles. The idea can be explained that a young boy or a young girl are spontaneously attracted, without following any regulative principles previously. When one develops such spontaneous love for God, that is called pure Krishna Consciousness. In our conditioned life, we have forgotten our relationship with God, but by regulative principles, we can make alert the inert activities. Just like a rheumatic crippled man is gradually elevated by some bodily exercises.

Similarly, the regulative principles are to make us habituated to our dormant service attitude, but when that is mature, it becomes spontaneous, and that is pure Krishna Consciousness. And such highly elevated Consciousness makes one eligible to enter into the Krishna Loka. The living example for much spontaneous love are exhibited by the Gopis and inhabitants of Vrindaban. We can learn this from Srimad-Bhagavatam how much they love Krishna spontaneously.

Your question, "what is the relationship of sweethearts in Vaikuntha to each other and to Lord Narayana? Is conjugal love, parental affection, and unalloyed friendship there in the Vaikunthas?"

No. In Vaikuntha there are two kinds of transcendental mellows, dasya and the lower half of sakya rasa. The lower half of sakhya means friendship in adoration. And the higher half of sakhya rasa is friendship on equal level. So in Vrindaban the reciprocation of transcendental humor is higher than in Vaikuntha. It is there more free and spontaneous without any restriction arranged by yogamaya principle.

Yes, other slokas in the Sastra that refer directly to chanting the Holy Names of God as the Yuga Dharma are mentioned, in Agnipurana, Kali Santara Upanisad, and many other scriptures.

Yes, please decorate the temple with as many pictures as possible. And Jadurani is very kind and liberal to supply us pictures. She is never tired of painting, and that makes her increased in Krishna Consciousness.

Hoping you are well, and thanking you once more for your nice letter,

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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2 Jul 2004
Tuesday, July 2, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My dear Satsvarupa,

Please accept my blessings and offer the same to Jadurani & others. Jadurani may be informed that I have received her letter and shall reply her very soon.

In the meantime in my last letter I requested you to see the District Director Mr. J. A. Hamilton Jr. of the Boston office U.S. Immigration. (223-2361) You know that I have sent him one letter of June 11, 1968 per Regd Post No. 00619. It cannot be that he has not received my above letter but why he has not replied my letter please enquire.

Please try to convince him that my presence in U.S.A. is essential because I have got to supervise at least 8 branches in U.S.A. I am qualified Religious Minister. I have got sufficient money to maintain myself without being a public charge and my health is fit as it is already examined by the public Health Department.

Under the circumstance I am feeling that by denying my application on some technical ground only, of which I was not at all responsible, injustice has been done to me. I simply requested the District Director to give me the right direction for the next step so that I may be sure of my action. Please therefore see him and take a written reply to my letter date 11th June 1968.

I am very much surprised that letters are not properly replied in such important office. Please therefore enquire in the matter and let me know why the letter is not replied which is so important in this case. Hope you will do the needful and let me know the result immediately.

Hope everything is well there.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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30 Jun 2004
Sunday, June 30, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Kirtanananda,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you very much for your letter dated June 22, 1968, and I have noted the contents.

The suggestion of constructing New Vrindaban as I've suggested in Hayagriva's letter is the only method by which we can become successful in constructing the New Vrindaban scheme. But if you have got impediments in the matter, as you say that the proprietor of the land is of different views, then I do not know how you'll be able to construct it freely according to our idea. Mr. Rose may be very good man, but he does not know what is sectarian and what is non-sectarian. But at least you should know that Krishna is non-sectarian.

Krishna claims that He is the seed-giving Father of all the 8,400,000 species of life visible within the material creation. They may be of different forms--some of them are aquatics, some of them are vegetables, plants, some of them are worms, some of them are birds, some of them are beasts, some of them are human beings. Krishna claims that all of them are His begotten sons. Neither Krishna claims Himself that He is an Indian or a Ksatriya, or a Brahmin, or white or black; He claims that He is the Enjoyer of everything that be, He is the Proprietor of all the planets and the creation, and He is the intimate friend of all living entities.

He never claims that one should offer Him very valuable things to satisfy Him; or very delicious foodstuffs should be offered to Him--but He says that even a little bit of leaf, a little bit of fruit, and water, you offer to Him with devotion and love, and He accepts and eats such things. So it is a fact that Krishna is universal. Krishna is non-sectarian, and therefore if Mr. Rose actually wants to have some institution, he must know how that non-sectarian institution is possible.

So factually, Krishna Consciousness is non-sectarian movement. There is no sectarian question. But if somebody without understanding this non-sectarian philosophy thinks otherwise, he himself becomes immediately sectarian. I therefore think that you should try to convince Mr. Rose about our philosophy of Krishna Consciousness, and let him become actually non-sectarian. Without understanding Krishna everyone is sectarian, and combination of such non-Krishna Consciousness persons will never create any institution of non-sectarian nature. That is not possible.

If Mr. Rose is serious to give facility for a non-sectarian institution in that part of the country, he should understand Krishna and this philosophy thoroughly. Our Krishna Consciousness movement is no religious movement as it is generally understood. Our propaganda is to make people feel for Krishna or God, and become engaged in His transcendental loving service. Anyone who has a concept of God will agree to this philosophy.

There are many sectarian religions where acceptance of God is there, but there is no love for God. So we are teaching love for God. That means Krishna Consciousness is the post-graduate class for all religious sects. We do not protest the Christians, or Mohammedans, or Jews, or any other religious sect, that there is no idea of God conception in their religions. More or less in every religion the God conception is there. But, nobody tries to love God.

Just like in Christian religion, they go to church everyday and tries to exact bread from God, but they never try how to please God. And because this love of God, and the process is not thoroughly instructed, therefore they have come to the stage of understanding that God is dead. At the present moment in many Christian churches, this philosophy is being taught, that God is dead. But so far we are concerned, we cannot accept this philosophy, that God is dead.

But we preach on the other hand, that God is not only not dead, but He can be approached finally face to face. And the method is very simple, chanting the Holy Name of God--Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare. Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. This process is standard, and tested. So far it's test is concerned, you know very well about it because in this part of the world, all my disciples are non-Hindu, and non-Indians. But still they have taken to this mantra, Mahamantra, very seriously and they are deriving good result out of it. So there is no question about its genuine presentation.

We should therefore push on this movement in the same simple manner as we are doing. That everyone should come and sit together and chant this Holy Name Hare Krishna. If this system is taken as sectarian, then I am sure your attempt for organizing New Vrindaban under the care of Mr. Rose will not be successful. The best thing will be to chant Hare Krishna, call all the neighbors in that part of the state, and gradually develop their taste for it. Then try to endeavor to do something for developing New Vrindaban.

For the present, live as simply as possible, without any endeavor to develop that part into New Vrindaban, or do it peacefully as you have mentioned, but you must continue to chant Hare Krishna, at least you and Hayagriva, and ask everybody to join you. At least Mr. Rose cannot object to this performance of Kirtana because he wants to give facility to all sects. So even if he takes it that our Krishna Consciousness movement is also a particular type of sect, certainly he will not have any objection.

Therefore, the conclusion is that you must regularly hold Krishna Kirtana, now, and even as in our other centers they are doing. And live peacefully without any exaggeration, and try to convince people about the non-sectarian nature of Krishna Consciousness. I think that will make you successful in this great adventure. Before the advent of Lord Caitanya, nobody had exhibited the practical way of developing love of Godhead, and the process is open to everyone, therefore this is simple, non-sectarian, and sublime.

But, if the people are backwards and suspicious, then how your scheme will be successful, in that part of the country? This movement is meant for intelligent class of men, those who have reason and logic to understand things in a civilized way, and who are open-hearted to receive things as they are. But apart from such consideration, I think there is not any cause of suspicion if somebody sings and dances. So without remuneration if somebody sings and dances at his place, what is the cause of suspicion?

But if the place is infested with such suspicious men and backward class, then how you can develop a New Vrindaban there? The circumstances as you have described them is not very favorable. Therefore I think the attempt will not be very successful. Krishna Consciousness movement can be pushed forward in a favorable atmosphere. If the atmosphere is not favorable, then don't attempt, it will be failure. Precaution you may take, but as you grow larger, if they are suspicious then they may cause trouble. Because you can dress yourself and live peacefully at your home, but if your neighbors are always suspicious, then there may be always danger.

Therefore, why should we make our residence in such a place. And I think no Brahmacari will agree to go there and live in such uncomfortable situation, with suspicious neighbors. Simply for land, we don't care. We simply want favorable place for worshipping Krishna. That is our idea.

Anyway, please keep me informed how the circumstances are, and I shall be very glad to hear from you at your convenience,

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

P.S. Hayagriva has not yet replied my letter. Please ask him to write. He has many things to do in the library cases and I want his assistance greatly in this matter. I am planning to go to London in August. Srimati Annapurna's father. Mr. Louis Weble is trying to get a good house for us. I wish to go there with a party of not less than 6 and not more than 12 heads. I wish to establish a center there which is my long cherished ambition. ACB

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28 Jun 2004
Friday, June 28, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Brahmananda,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of 6.25.68, of Mr. Kallman catastrophe.

When I first came from San Francisco to New York, and when you informed me about the prospective business with Mr. Kallman, I was so much doubtful about the success of the plan. And therefore I hesitated. Anyway, whatever is done is done, now try to separate from this botheration without breaking our good friendship with Mr. Kallman.

Caitanya Mahaprabhu especially warned His devotees to deal with worldly minded men. Therefore according to Vedic principles, only the Brahmacaris, the Vanaprasthas, and the Sannyasis are recommended to take to Krishna Consciousness seriously or to get free from the problem of earning money. The Grhasthas are supposed to support the 3 sections of the society.

Anyway, the best source of our income should be by accepting contributions from the sympathetic public, and selling our own books and literature. That is also a sort of business, but it doesn't matter. And if we do business we must do it independently, without any assistance from outsiders. We can take help from outside in the matter of monetary help, either by contribution or by loan, but not to enter into transactions with outsiders. Because their aim of life is different from ours.

Please therefore do not be agitated at the present situation. Tackle everything cool-headed and if Purusottama is not feeling well, then you can send him for a few days here, to live with me. And while coming here he may bring with him my yellow colored hand-bound Bhagavatam book. Now from the dealings of Mr. Kallman, we can clearly know that he is after business for his own profit. And I am sure he is not going to help us with any money as you expected from him in the matter of publishing Teachings of Lord Caitanya.

Therefore, in the acknowledgement, his name should not be given as it was suggested by you. I shall be glad to know what is further development in this connection. But try to settle up everything peacefully, and in future, if possible, you can do business independently.

I understand that you have not written any letter to Dwarkin, but they are awaiting a letter from us regarding the dispatch of goods. I think you noted down what is to be written to them. They must be informed to dispatch the goods immediately.* As Gargamuni is doing business independently, similarly, you can do so without taking any so-called cooperation of Mr. Kallman.

Hoping you are all well,

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

*Mr. Kallman wanted Gargamuni also in this business but I stopped him to come here. Let him do it independently and Krishna has saved him from Mr. Kallmans' plan. In Santa Fe they want incense. So if the incense consignment from India (as I don't know from where) accepted by force then you can distribute them for sale in different branches. I am doubtful now about the records now. Better you take open delivery and dispatch yourself or do things very cautiously. Kirtanananda is in W. Virginia and he invites 100 Brahmacaris there. I don't how would you like this idea of when we have got 100 Brahmacaris. ACB

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27 Jun 2004
Thursday, June 27, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec

My Dear Satsvarupa,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated June 23, 1968, and I have noted the contents.

I am very much pleased to hear of your good success in the park on Sunday. This is very much encouraging to me, to hear so many people are hearing the chanting, and philosophy, and also taking nice prasadam as well. Yes, it is very good, and you please continue with this sort of program!

This system should be followed and you will be successful. Because in New York also Hamsaduta is following this system, holding Kirtana at Central Park every day, and he is collecting in the same way. All together he is collecting 50 to 70 dollars by contribution and by selling Back To Godhead. This is actually our successful propaganda. We want to distribute our literature and books within as well as our prasadam, and injecting our Hare Krishna medicine within the ear.

So, reading of the literature and hearing of the chanting is the medicine, and prasadam is the diet. So, if diet and medicine are properly administered the disease of maya will be cured. But the physician must be always healthy.

People may not say, physician is ill thyself. That means the preachers must be of highly elevated character, following strictly the rules and regulations and chanting regularly in the temple. There may be so many odds in the progressive march of Krishna Consciousness, but if we pin our faith in Krishna, everything will come out successful in due course.

Yes, Krishna didn't like that place, for $350, so you could not acquire it.

Please convey my blessings to Jadurani, Madhavi Lata, and Devananda. You are all good souls; please work together combinedly for spreading Krishna Consciousness there in that city.

Hoping you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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