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22 Jul 2004
July 22, 1968  

Montreal, Quebec
Paramananda & Satyabhama's Wedding

Prabhupada: Gurudasa, you don't feel?

Gurudasa: Yes, very good.

Prabhupada: (section edited)...So I am a sannyasi. I have renounced my family life. I have got my children, my grandchildren, I have my wife still living, but I have separated from them. This is called sannyasa. Why I am taking interest again, this family life of my students? Because I want to see them properly progress towards spiritual life. Therefore, although it is not the business of a sannyasi to take part in marriage ceremony, in this country, just to save my students, both boys and girls, from sinful activities, I am personally taking interest that they may become good gentleman and lady by marriage.

So I am very happy that those boys and girls who have agreed, and they are now married and getting children, and they are feeling very happy. Many of them are present in this meeting. From their face, from their activities, it appears that they are very happy. So in this Krsna consciousness society we have got this program that if some boy or girl wants to get married, I help. So this marriage ceremony is today arranged on that principle. But the present bride and bridegroom must know it certainly that this marriage is not for sense gratification.

This marriage is for purification of life. So there is no question of divorce. There is no question of separation. So don't get into married life if you have got such propensity. Our first principle is to become Krsna conscious, and other things, secondary. Putrarthe kriyate bharya. If you can produce nice children, Krsna conscious children, it will, you will do greatest service to the human society. Because the human society is producing children like cats and dogs, the whole human society is in trouble. How you can expect peace and prosperity in the society of cats and dogs? Therefore there is necessity. There is necessity to produce children of Krsna consciousness, to train them from the very beginning.

You will be all glad to know that some of our students, very small boys in San Francisco, they are being trained, and they are making wonderful progress. So there is no fault of these hippie boys and girls. They have not been trained. Not only here, every part of the world, the educational system is not very satisfactory. From the very beginning of their life they are allowed to mix freely, and they are allowed to enjoy sex life unrestricted. This is neither good for their health nor for education. So therefore we are getting now the result of education: communists and hippies. So people, those who are guardians of the society, should take serious note of it and make life very regulated.

So my dear children, boys and girls, I request you that live happily. There is no restriction. We don't restrict eating, sleeping, or mating, or defending. But do it in relationship with Krsna, pure life, and be happy in this life and next life.

Thank you very much. Now come forward. I shall begin our... Where is your father and mother? You can please come here. Yes. You can sit down here with the girls. Or give them some pads. They will feel... They are not accustomed to sit. (chuckles) Yes. My disciples, they have been accustomed. (chuckles)

Satyabhama: Paramananda's parents are here also.

Prabhupada: Yes. Let them come also.

Satyabhama: (aside:) Would you like to sit on cushions?

Prabhupada: So both the parents agree in this marriage.

Satyabhama's father: Yes.

Prabhupada: Oh, thank you. Now those who are initiated, you can chant Hare Krsna on your beads. (devotees chant japa) (break) (recitation of fire sacrifice prayers)

Prabhupada: Now, you are father?

Satyabhama's father: Yes.

Prabhupada: So you can say to your son-in-law that "So long my daughter such and such was under my custody. From today I am giving this daughter under your custody." Say it.

Satyabhama's father: Kate has been under me until now, and I give her unto your custody.

Prabhupada: You say, "Yes, I accept."

Paramananda: Yes, I accept.

Prabhupada: And you say, "Yes, I agree."

Paramananda's father: Yes, I agree.

Prabhupada: Now you say that "My dear such and such, I agree to serve you throughout my life."

Satyabhama: Paramananda, I agree to serve you throughout my life.

Prabhupada: And you say, "My dear such and such, I take your charge of life throughout without hesitation."

Paramananda: My dear Satyabhama, I take your charge of life throughout without hesitation.

Prabhupada: So there is no separation in any circumstances. Promise that. There is no separation in any circumstances.

Paramananda: So there is no separation in any circumstances.

Prabhupada: Yes. Now you garland this... You change the garland. Now you come to this side. You go to that side. Now you are legal husband and wife. Is that all right? Yes. Now chant Hare Krsna. (break) (prayers, fire sacrifice) Now offer this plantain like this, slowly. Thank you.

Satyabhama: Hare Krsna.

(devotees repeat last prayer of sacrifice after Prabhupada, the maha-mantra.)

Prabhupada: Now bow down. (leads in recitation of pranama mantra) You chant Hare Krsna.


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