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a.c. bhaktivedanta swami

29 May 2004
Friday, May 31, 1968  

Allston, Mass

My Dear Gargamuni,

Please accept my blessings. I am in receipt of your letter post-dated May 27, 1968, and I thank you very much for the check for $80.00 for my book account.

I am so glad that you are selling my books nicely. Yes, always try to sell our books and Back To Godhead, as far as possible. That is our main business.

I am so pleased for your valuable loving sentiments upon me and this will keep you advanced in Krishna Consciousness, rest assured. Next time when I come back to San Francisco, some of the boys who have regularly chanted 16 rounds at least for one year shall be initiated for the second time, and offered sacred thread to recognize them as complete Brahmins.

I am going to Montreal on Monday and shall see how things are going there. Krishna willing, I may be staying at Montreal for some time to organize the Temple as well as some Indian visitors. And I have in mind to start 2 or 3 branches there, one in Vancouver. Vancouver is nearer to San Francisco and if I get chance to go to Vancouver, surely I shall come back to San Francisco from there.

Regarding your seeking permission for selling some leather goods and water pipes: I say yes, you can sell. We have nothing to do with these things, but in special cases, if somebody asks us to sell intoxicants or similar things, we cannot do that. The pipes are meant for persons who are already addicted to intoxication. So if we don't sell it, it does not mean it will counteract intoxication, even though indirectly it is connected with intoxication.

We are not having any connection with these things, but you are selling for getting some profit for Krishna. You cannot dissatisfy your supplier who are eager to sell like that. But anyway, in all such odd circumstances as this, you should ask my permission. But be careful that you may not be attached to such business. If required, we can give up such business at any moment.

I am always thinking of you, and I am also feeling separation of you all. But we have to work for Krishna diligently and with faith and love.

Hope this will find you all right, and keep in good health.

Thanking you once more,

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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28 May 2004
Tuesday, May 28, 1968  

Allston, Mass

My Dear Harer Nama,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated May 24, 1968, along with the news article published in the Daily Californian, p.9, on Wednesday May 22, 1968. The pictures and the statement are very appropriate and I hope this article will attract the attention of many students.

Actually this Krishna Consciousness movement is the greatest need of the present day situation of the world. It is authorized approved and very old, and practical. It can be accepted by any person in any part of the world; that is already tested. Now each one of us has got a great responsibility to spread this movement as far as possible and that is the greatest service to the suffering humanity. You are a student of psychology, so you can study this movement more clearly than others, and try to spread it to your best capacity.

Regarding your 2 questions: For offering prasadam simply prayers to the Spiritual Master is sufficient. The process is that everything is offered to the Spiritual Master, and the Spiritual Master is supposed to offer the same foodstuff to the Lord. When a thing is offered to the Spiritual Master, he immediately offers to the Lord. That is the system, and as we come by parampara system, it is our duty to go through the right channel--namely, first the Spiritual Master, then Lord Caitanya, and then Krishna.

So when we chant prayers, we do this, Bande ham Sri Guru . . . and gradually to the Goswamis, then to Lord Caitanya, and then to Radha Krishna. That is the praying system. But offering the prasadam to present everything before the Spiritual Master whose picture is also in the altar, means that the Spiritual Master will take care of offering the foodstuff to the Lord. Therefore simply by chanting the prayer to the Spiritual Master, everything will be complete.

I think a copy of the Daily Californian in which the article has appeared may be sent to each center of our society, and by that they will be encouraged. If possible, kindly arrange this.

I am going to Montreal, sometimes next week after June 2nd. So you can write me letters at the Montreal address as follows: ISKCON RADHA KRISHNA TEMPLE; 3720 Park Avenue; Montreal 18, Quebec, Canada. Also, please send copies of the news article to our different centers, the addresses are as follows:


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May 28, 1968  

Allston, Mass

My Dear Malati,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you very much for your letter of May 14, 1968, and I have noted your kind sentiments with appreciation.

Don't wait for next life for finishing up the business of Krishna Consciousness; try to finish up this business in this life. And pray to Krishna that if your Krishna Consciousness business is unfinished in this life, He may give you chance to take birth in a family where the father and mother are in Krishna Consciousness. That is a great opportunity. Similarly, the child who is coming in your family is supposed to have executed Krishna Consciousness in his previous life.

I have not heard from your husband in many days. After your childbirth, does he propose to go to Germany for preaching work? We want to establish one center in Germany. As my permanent visa in USA has not been granted, so I am going to Montreal for some time, then after my business in Montreal is finished, I may go to London, and then to Germany. That is my desire. I do not know what is Krishna's desire. We can discuss this further at that time.

In the absolute world there is no distinction as me, or he, and I. Krishna and His representative is the same. Just like Krishna can be present simultaneously in millions of places. Similarly, the Spiritual Master also can be present wherever the disciple wants. A Spiritual Master is the principle, not the body. Just like a television can be seen in thousands of places by the principle of relay monitoring.

This seeing of "spirits" has no connection with Krishna Consciousness--it is hallucination.
Yes, so far your coming child is concerned, I shall give name to it when it is born. No, circumcision is not done in Vedic culture, it is not required.

Yes, to make a Krishna Consciousness coloring book for children is a very good idea for serving and for spreading Krishna Consciousness to the young children. Please do it. I will give you hints how to do it; just let me know when you are ready to begin. It will be a great service.

Hope you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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May 28, 1968  

Allston, Mass

My Dear Hamsaduta,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of May 27, 1968, and noted the contents carefully.

As you are married, there is no need of separation as you are practicing artificially. You must live just like a respectable married couple and earn money as a Grhastha, and spend 50% for Krishna--that is the real program.

If you have no sufficient men to form the Kirtana party at the present moment, you can go on chanting as usual in the temple. There is no need of becoming hasty. One or two boys from S.F. can join you at any moment, that is not a problem. But you must have some men locally. The process should be at least 4 to 6 men must be competent to begin the chanting with instruments and the members of the audience should be requested to join them.

If you can make this practice successful, you can go anywhere. Four to six men, and the members of the audience will join together, and then it will be very successful Kirtana performance. Just try to practice like this. I am going to Montreal next week and after reaching there I shall consider when and how to go to London, or any other part of Europe. At present it is not yet fixed up.


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May 28, 1968  

Allston, Mass

My Dear Subala,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you very much for your letter dated May 24, 1968, and it is very encouraging.

I am sure Krishna will help you more and more because you are sincere servant of Krishna. He blessed in your endeavor and everything will be all right gradually, and it will be a great enlightenment for you how God helps those who help themselves, especially in the service of God.

Read Srimad-Bhagavatam and chant Hare Krishna and all other things will be adjusted automatically. Offer my blessings to Sriman Hal, who is taking gradual interest in Krishna Consciousness.

I am going to Montreal by middle of the first week of June, and I will stay there for some days. You can send me letters at that address after first of June:

Hope you are feeling well.

Your ever well-wisher

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Tuesday, May 28, 1968  

Allston, Mass

My Dear Uddhava,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you very much for your letter of May 24, 1968, and have noted the contents carefully.

Sambhu is the principle by which the Lord impregnates the material Nature with the seeds of living entities. Durga is expansion of internal energy and Radharani is the quintessence of Internal Energy. In that sense Durga is expansion of Radharani.

Brahma is the father of Rudra or Sambhu, therefore Brahma is the original creature for creation. Generally Sambhu is the creator of many many demons. Demons are therefore mostly worshippers of Lord Siva.

Hope you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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27 May 2004
Monday, May 27, 1968  

Allston, Mass

My Dear Brahmananda,

Please accept my blessings. I hope you have safely reached N.Y.

Till now I have received no reply from the Canadian Immigration Department, and I have just now received one letter from Janardana stating therein that even if I go to Montreal pending my immigration application, there will be no difficulty. Therefore I have decided to start for Montreal just after the second of June any day. I have sent Gaurasundara to the temple to contact him by phone informing this matter, as well as I have sent him one letter by airmail just now. So my going to Montreal is now fixed up.

Now, so far American Immigration is concerned; you will try for it after my departure for Montreal. And if you come there sometimes after the first week of June or by the 9th of June, then Janardana, yourself and myself may consult and then take steps what to do in new chapter.

So far purchasing the church it appears to be hopeful. So if Mr. Kallman will advise his banker to send a letter addressed to Mr. Muzzy of the Presbyterian Church that the bank will pay $270 per month, then I think the transaction can be finished without difficulty. Of course we will regularly pay Mr. Kallman or his banker this $270 without fail, because we are already paying everywhere more than $270 as rental.

So there will be no difficulty to receive the money from San Francisco, and if required, Jayananda can give Mr. Kallman in writing about the assurement. I am enclosing herewith the letter of Jayananda dated May 24, 1968, and I hope this will clarify the whole thing.

Please do the needful.

Hope you are all well.

Your ever well-wisher,

P.S. Let me know what you have done with Dai Nippon, United Shipping Corporation & Dwarkin if possible send the copies of letters addressed to them, ACB

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23 May 2004
Thursday, May 23, 1968  

Allston, Mass.

My Dear Kirtanananda Swami,

Please accept my blessings. I was so glad to receive your letter dated May 13, 1968, and my gladness knew no bounds, exactly like that when one gets back his lost child.

You have written to say that you think of me often and now it is confirmed that you cannot do without thinking of me, because I was always thinking of you. Sometimes I silently cried and prayed to Krishna that how I have lost this child, Kirtanananda. But I am sure that you cannot be lost because you chanted very nicely in Vrindaban.

Anyone who once sincerely chanted the Holy Name of Krishna cannot be separated from the Krishna Consciousness atmosphere. So I was sure that you were never lost and you would come back. Anybody who asked me how Kirtanananda left me I answered that either Kirtanananda or Hayagriva cannot be lost because at least they have chanted sincerely the Holy Name of Krishna.

Anyway, Hayagriva came to me and was very glad to see him in New York, and I expected also to see you. You wrote one letter to Janardana, and I have replied that letter, and from the letter you can understand my feelings for you.

Krishna has provided you with a nice plot of land, and it is due to His causeless unlimited mercy upon you. You were in Vrindaban but you did not like the atmosphere and you became disturbed, so immediately after your arrival in Vrindaban you felt uncomfortable--that I could understand, and therefore you came back to U.S.A. although it was settled before starting that you continue to live in Vrindaban.

Krishna is so kind that you went to Indian Vrindaban, but you did not like that particular place, somehow or other, and therefore He has so kindly awarded so nice piece of land, exactly resembling Vrindaban. We should always know that Vrindaban is not localized in a particular area, but that wherever Krishna is there, Vrindaban is automatically there. And wherever the Holy Name of Krishna is chanted, Krishna is present there because there is no difference between Krishna and His Holy Name. So I am so pleased to learn that you are chanting and meditating of Krishna, and once only you are eating something to keep your body and soul together.

But my request is that as you have accepted Sannyas in this order of our disciplic succession, you must do some more service to Krishna than chanting and meditating, and the opportunity you have got. I understand that the land is very big area; I heard that it is 320 acres of land, and in the letter addressed to Janardana, you expressed your desire to convert this beautiful piece of land into New Vrindaban in U.S.A.

I wish that you may try for this New Vrindaban to your best capacity, and Krishna will give you all help. And if this piece of land is turned into New Vrindaban then I shall forget to return to Indian Vrindaban. I am getting older and older, so actually if I get a peaceful place as described by you, the rest of my life will be continued in translating Srimad-Bhagavatam and other Goswami literature, assisted by some of my disciples like you. So anytime you take me to your new hermitage, I shall be very glad to go there.

So far your cooking is concerned, you are my first student to learn Indian style of cooking and from you the disciplic succession has spread and many of our students are cooking. But still your cooking surpasses everyone's cooking. I shall be glad to participate in your nice and tasteful prasadam.

I am here till the end of May, 1968, and then I may either go to Montreal or may return to New York. It is not yet settled. My permanent visa is not yet granted; they are making so many implications. It may be that I may get permanent visa in Canada, but nothing is fixed up as yet, so I do not know what is there in the future.

But I know Krishna has something in His mind, and whatever He does is the best. I shall be much pleased if you kindly write me at your convenience, and more, I shall be glad to hear that you are chanting Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare Hare. Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

Hoping you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

P.S. Sriman Umapati's doing very well in L.A.

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Thursday, May 23, 1968  

Allston, Mass.

My Dear Yamuna,

Please accept my blessings. I received your letter a few days ago and I am very glad to learn that you are training the 2 boys in Krishna Consciousness.

I do not think you require an academic degree for training such boys. We are training Krishna Consciousness, which has nothing to do with academic education; I therefore wish that instead of wasting your time for 2 or 3 years for taking a degree, you may increase your scope of activities for recruiting such boys and training them in Krishna Consciousness. But if your state laws do not allow it to hold any class without such degree then you must get such degree.

On the whole you have got a very nice engagement for training children in Krishna Consciousness. And I think you are very fit for it. I am sure if you endeavor in this line of service, Krishna will be very much pleased and will shower His blessing more and more. you are very nice girl and I have got full faith in you and I wish that you can develop this line of service to the society.

If possible, please send me the address of Prasad; I want to write him one letter.

Hope you are both well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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Thursday, May 23, 1968  

Allston, Mass.

My Dear Gurudasa,

Please accept my blessings. A few days ago I received one letter from you in which you desired to send me one manuscript for Nimai Sannyas drama, written by some Mr. Chatterji.

Generally these dramas are sentimentalism. Those who are devotees of Lord Caitanya, they do not discuss much about the Lord's renouncing the householder life, but there are certain persons who floodlight the renouncement of Lord Caitanya in a materialistic sentimental way. I have seen such drama, written by Mr. Diliproy, and that was nearly nonsense.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu decided to accept this renounced order of life in a moment, and the business was finished in a day. But these people, in order to create a scene, they adulterate the Lord's renouncement in so many ways. so I guess in the drama of Mr. Chatterji similar such things may be included. Any drama or book written by unauthorized persons should not be indulged in. (In this connection I may mention that I have seen one copy of "Narada Pancaratra" sent here from San Francisco, and it is not good. Please stop circulation of this book, which is not authorized.)

A pure devotee is always free from the four principle restrictions, and he has a tilaka on his forehead. At least these symptoms indicate one's purity in Krishna Consciousness. If one is not following these principles, he is not considered to be a pure devotee.

As a matter of recognition I am giving the second endowment of initiation, namely the sacred thread to those who are chanting 16 rounds regularly, and have followed the four principles of restrictions may be awarded this sacred thread.

The first batch of six disciples are already given. When I return to San Francisco I shall offer the same sacred thread to some of you.

Hope you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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Thursday, May 23, 1968  

Allston, Mass.

My Dear Krishna das,

Please accept my blessings. I am receiving your twigs for washing my teeth very regularly and I thank you very much.

What about Krishna's flute you attempted to prepare? I think you can prepare one silver flute and I am inserting measurement. It should be with golden relief work--raised embroidery-like designs--on the body of the flute. The length of the flute may be 5 inches, and it should be 1.4" thick.

Now I shall be glad to know what is your credit balance in the bank. It may be that I may call you to go with me to India at any moment.

Hope you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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